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Retail Dreams Collection

When a retail store plays well-curated songs through its overhead speakers; the customers trust that the products on display were also well-curated. Why use famous songs (and pay the royalties) when instead you can demonstrate your good taste and play high-quality, undiscovered bands?

Relaxing Classical Collection

Thanks to public domain copyright laws, classical music is the one genre where the hit songs are affordable for everyone to use. Patrons of your establishment will feel more sophisticated - and more affluent - as this playlist permeates the air.

Martini Bar Collection

When physical chemistry occurs between people at a bar, much of it is non-verbal. The tracks in this sexy, downtempo collection express what isn't being said between those people. This electronica collection is the soundtrack for love and attraction in the big city.

Coffee Conversations Collection

This playlist aspires to be exactly like good coffee conversation: honest, thoughtful & respectful of others. Full of acoustic guitars, piano and soft vocals; these track percolate without being intrusive. They are folksy without being cheesy.

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