How It Works

The first thing that happens when you work with NONPro is a conversation (email or phone) wherein our account team works to fully understand your creative needs as well as your number of locations. Your retail aesthetic should be unique. And with our catalog of over 5,000 tracks, any playlist is possible. Step one is to make a plan.

Next, we’ll create a private download server so that you can securely preview the tracks our music editors select for you. You’ll listen to the selections and give us feedback (“little more of this, little less of that”). We want to get it just right. All this with no obligation from you!

Once you feel comfortable with the music selections, your account manager will work to finalize your paperwork so you can start using the music in your store. Although we can refer you to online streaming services that utilize our non-pro music, many of our clients prefer to use their own playback technology and have us focus on just the rights-management aspect.

Finally, there’s usage tracking. It’s important that our artists get paid for the usage of their music. While we take pride in being WAY easier to work with than a PRO, twice a year we’ll ask you to email a list of the tracks you actually used in your establishment.

We’ll use that list as a basis to compensate our non-PRO artists. This system isn’t fancy, but we’ve found it works.

We’ll periodically revisit your track selections in order to freshen your playlists. We’ll ensure the music being played in your store reflects the latest updates in our catalog.

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